Tadhg Peavoy

Multimedia journalist, editor and producer. Email: tadhg@peavoy.com.

About Tadhg

Tadhg Peavoy has worked as a journalist and content creator for over a decade, focusing on many specific roles –  reporter, photographer, digital editor, sub-editor, broadcaster, producer, director, cameraman and video editor.

During that time he has worked for The Irish Times, RTE – Ireland’s national broadcaster, Independent.ie, Eir Sport, Balls.ie, TravelExtra.ie, TravelMedia.ie, EPath Digital, The Dublin Gazette, Travelmag.co.uk, Ireland’s Big Issue and L’Équipe.

He has also worked as a PR specialist for brands such as Canada’s leading tour operator to the UK and Ireland – Royal Irish Tours, international development charity Gorta – Self Help Africa and Paris-based fashion brand MACKEENE.

Tadhg has specialised in sport, travel, film, property and sponsored content.

He lectures in online journalism at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

2 thoughts on “About Tadhg

  1. Hello Tadhg
    Thanks again for cooperation in Gdansk. Thanks for the publication and placing a link to my website

    1. You’re welcome, Wojtek. Thanks for your help in showing me your city, and for helping me to get such a good grasp on the city’s history.


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